National Self-Defense Federation was constituted to promote self-defense activities on September 18, 2017. Self Defense means that in any situation, protect yourself whether it be female or male. There are many situations in the circumstances as you are drowning, on the road, in the house, in the office, on the terrace, in the forest, at a deserted place at night, in traffic and in different situations of self. Self Defense is of two types: First Internal and Second Body. Martial arts in which to do, Judo, Boxing, Wushu, karate etc. teach physical security and make the body strong.
The Federation will work towards self-defense, which includes national and international events, plans to promote, degree, diploma, cadets schemes, research schemes etc.
This training of Self-Defense prepared by national level veteran self defense experts will be available to anyone who has no age limit.
Self-defense is the medium of physical and spiritual protection. In which we protect our body and soul from the arms and attacks in the opposite conditions.
Self-defense is a game. Those who learn how to protect their body and soul by playing and playing the game learn to play self defense in the game itself. There are many techniques of self defense in various martial arts, but those techniques are very complex. The boys and girls studying in modern times, housewives and men can not learn in a run-of-the-life life. Keeping these conditions in mind, the game of “self defense” has been created. For the housewives, talk about things and boys, girls learn self-defense in the game itself. Such an effort has been made.
Self-defense is a game of self-defense created by research of intelligent trainers. It has been developed with simple and easy techniques. Whose training can be learned by simple techniques. While pumping and protecting, simple techniques keep our life safe. There are very special techniques in self defense. This technique is easy for students studying in school and women working in the housewives and in the office, and is able to defend themselves under any circumstances.
Self-defense involves wonderful training of antiquity. When our civilization and culture were not developed and we were struggling then we used to protect ourselves from wild animals; those same techniques have been included in the training and the training used in making them easier is made.