Welome to National Self Defense Federation

We can learn the truth only from the events happening in life. I have realized for many years that self-protection itself has to be done. It is only occasionally that a man or a woman has helped someone and he becomes safe. We have a lot of population around us, so it is very important to protect ourselves and others. I found in my research that every organism feels uncomfortable to her and she feels insecure in her family even if she is male or female.

Today there is a dire need of self defense. Because security is essential in the midst of a runny life and a growing population. No, I do not know what happened. After the training of self defense, if the women and men take their own responsibility, family security also becomes stronger. The security of the society, region and country also gets better with the security of the family. So far, many women have learned this training and women felt that training has got a lot of benefit from them.